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Frequently Asked Questions


The following information is intended to be concise. Please see or contact us via if you require more detailed information. 


What is the Australian Council for Clinical Physiologists (ACCP)? 

The ACCP is a national body collaboratively established to recognise, promote and enhance standards of Clinical Physiology practice in Australia. 

The ACCP provides individual accreditation to recognise Clinical Physiologists that have met the minimum criteria for qualifications, experience and relevant competencies.  

The ACCP maintains a publicly available register of Accredited Clinical Physiologists. 


What is a Clinical Physiologist? 

A Clinical Physiologist is a healthcare professional – in one or more disciplines – involved in the diagnosis and/or management of a wide range of health conditions and the associated scientific investigations.  

Clinical Physiologists typically require specialised skills in physiological monitoring and analysis.  

The four Clinical Physiology disciplines currently covered by the ACCP are Cardiac, Neurophysiology, Respiratory, and Sleep Science. 


Are there different accreditation / membership / application types? 


Level 1 accreditation is for suitably qualified, entry-level clinicians; typically <2yrs clinical experience. 

Level 2 accreditation is for suitably qualified applicants who meet the clinical experience requirements; typically >2yrs clinical experience. 

Members may be accredited in one or more disciplines; applicants must meet the criteria for each discipline they are applying for. 

Additional levels may be added in the future. 

What are the benefits of membership? 

The benefits of ACCP membership include:  

  1. Recognition for individuals that qualify as Accredited Clinical Physiologists (ACP) 

  2. Allowing employers to recognise and seek Accredited Clinical Physiologists 

  3. Support for the ACCP to promote and enhance Clinical Physiology professions. 

To whom does the ACCP promote clinical physiology? 

Any organisation interested or potentially interested in Clinical Physiology including professional bodies, educational institutions, government bodies, employees, and employers. 


Does ACCP membership relate to or affect my professional association membership? 

The ACCP is an independent council specifically for the recognition, promotion and enhancement of Clinical Physiology standards. As such, the ACCP is completely separate from and does not replace the role of the various discipline-specific professional bodies. Membership with the ACCP should not influence your membership, or lack thereof, with a professional association, nor should the converse occur. However, evidence of eligibility for appropriate membership with the relevant professional association is one of the requirements for clinical physiology accreditation. 

The ACCP does look to the four affiliated professional bodies for discipline-specific advice about standards and other matters. 


Who can join? 

In general, any suitably qualified and experienced Clinical Physiologist employed in Australia in one or more of recognised disciplines (Cardiac, Neurophysiology, Respiratory or Sleep Science). 

More information is available at   


How much is membership? 

ACCP membership is currently $150 per annum. 


Is this a once-off or annual membership? 

This is an annual fee, due at the start of the Australian financial year. 


Is there a discount membership rate given other professional membership? 

The ACCP was established from a collaborative effort by four affiliated professional associations (ANTA [now ANSA], ANZSRS, ASTA [now ANZSSA] and PiCSA). However, the ACCP remains an independent organisation.  One of the ACCP’s primary roles is to ensure and promote good clinical governance – this means that individual ACCP membership is separate from your individual professional association membership. There can be no cross discounting of memberships between ACCP and associated professional bodies. 


If I join mid-year, is there a pro-rata discount? 

No. Administration of a pro-rata fee adds complexity to the operation of the ACCP and so is not currently offered. 


Do I have to join the ACCP? 

Membership and accreditation is currently voluntary. 


How do I join?  


I currently have several jobs. Do I need sign off from all my employers? 

The employer supervising the greatest number of work hours can sign the relevant section of application form. 

If you are applying for accreditation in multiple disciplines, then the employer (or supervisor) relevant for each discipline should be signing the relevant section; this may mean you need multiple sign-offs. 


Do I need to complete continuing education to renew my membership? 

All ACCP members are required to complete a minimum amount of continuing education activities. Refer to the ACCP Accreditation Framework and associated Professional Portfolio. 


What if I have a complaint about an ACCP member? 

The ACCP has complaints process. Please see ‘Making a complaint’ by following this link:  


More questions? 

Contact us via 

We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of lands, seas and waters throughout Australia, and pay respect to Elders past, present and future. We recognise that the health and social and emotional wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are grounded in continued connection to culture, country, language and community.  


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